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About us

Swahn Balanced Health is owned and operated by Thomas and Krissy Swahn. After falling in love and pursuing careers as Nurse Practitioners, we dreamed of opening our own clinic to care for our community. Since the start of our careers, we have noticed areas of need that have been overlooked and neglected due to societal stigma. Our mission is simple - to offer the tools others don't that can be invaluable in helping you feel and stay healthy. Our dedicated team has the skills and resources to take care of your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Meet the Owners

Thomas and Krissy Swahn have owned this transformative clinic for over a year.

Thomas is the medical provider at Swahn Balanced Health while Krissy runs a family practice at Westside Tanner Clinic in Clinton, Utah.

Read below to learn more about our wonderful owners!

Thomas Swahn,

Owner, Ketamine Specialist

Thomas began his career in nursing not knowing what he wanted to do, but knowing that he wanted to help people live their best lives. He graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and practiced in a variety of settings including Long-Term Care/Hospice, the Operating Room, the Intensive Care Unit, and the Emergency Room. Through these experiences, he mastered many life-saving skills, improved the health of many people, and saw some of the best and worst moments in many people’s lives. He found great satisfaction in both celebrating and weeping with patients and their families through these emotional experiences, but as he mastered expertise in each area of medical care, he knew something was missing. This, along with the loving support and encouragement of his wife, Krissy, drove him to attend Westminster College where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with his Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree. ​ Through graduate school, he reflected on his experiences and realized his true calling: to not only save the lives of his patients when they are sick, but to make their lives worth living by maximizing their quality of life. Quality of life comes not only from healing the body, but identifying factors that decrease happiness despite health. This is what drove Thomas to start Swahn Balanced Health together with Krissy, to fight the stigma over mental health and to bring ketamine therapy’s profound benefits to as many people as possible, to bring the joy back to life for those struggling to find it. ​ Outside of the clinic, Thomas’s wide variety of hobbies may seem random: parkour, video games, reading, puzzles, tinkering, mindfulness, woodworking, painting, etc.; but these things all stem from one common thread: his curiosity and love of learning and growing. His family is his pride and joy and he yearns to explore all life has to offer with his wife and children while working to spread joy to as many other people as possible along the way.

Krissy Swahn,

Owner, Family Practice Provider at Tanner Clinic

Krissy's practice is at Westside Tanner Clinic in Clinton, UT.  Click the button below to schedule with her

Krissy has always had a lifelong desire to work in the medical field and practice medicine through nursing. She graduated from Weber State University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and worked in pediatrics, geriatrics, surgery, and emergency medicine, learning all those specialties had to offer while embracing her passion to help people of all ages heal and achieve their health goals. After years of practicing nursing, she felt as though she had more to offer her patients. She found teaching people about their health conditions and how to manage them effectively very rewarding as their knowledge base grew and their health improved. She enrolled in Westminster College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree. ​ Krissy’s passion for family medicine stems from her love of developing relationships and her desire to help as many people as possible. She has found particular joy and skill specializing in depression and anxiety, and showing her patients how they can get, and stay, better. This passion for leading people through the darkness of mental health struggles led her to start Swahn Balanced Health together with Thomas, enabling patients to access one of modern medicine’s most powerful tools in fighting depression and anxiety, while battling to change its overlooked and stigmatized status. While Thomas runs Swahn Balanced Health, Krissy provides family practice primary care at Tanner Clinic Westside across the street. ​  A woman of the world, Krissy has previously lived in California, England, and Scotland before finally settling in Utah. Outside of her practice, she enjoys riding horses, reading books, and spending time with her husband and children, where they work as hard on creating the home of their dreams as they do on improving quality of life for their patients.

Our Clinic

Take a tour of our clinic! Our space was designed to provide an optimal environment for the spiritual journey ketamine facilitates. Our comfortable, therapeutic, and non-clinical atmosphere helps to relieve apprehension and encourages openness to the experience. We offer a variety of snacks, drinks, and tea to help soothe the stomach before your journey. We provide blackout eye masks, headphones, blankets, and fans to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment. We provide an echo dot in each treatment room with subscriptions to Amazon Music and Spotify so you can choose the music you prefer, or we can recommend ideal music for the type of journey you are seeking. Each of our patient rooms are decorated with a different nature theme along with an accompanying playlist we've created to embody the theme. You may bring a guest with you if you prefer and we've provided an extra recliner in each room for them.

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