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Our Services
  • Ketamine therapy via intravenous infusion for optimal experience

    300 US dollars
  • Ketamine therapy via intramuscular injections for convenience

    250 US dollars
  • Variable Price. Office visits are scheduled on a case-by-case basis an...

    100 US dollars
  • Initial evaluation, education, and assistance with card application.

    200 US dollars
  • Medical card renewal for established medical cannabis patients.

    100 US dollars


*Discounts must be applied in person.*

Select "Pay in Person" at checkout. 

Please note: The system won't allow you to select "Pay in Person" for a treatment package, but you can book an appointment without paying, then purchase a treatment package in person when you come to the clinic if you wish.

First treatment $150 for everyone!

First Responders
20% off all services for military, veterans, EMTs, police, fire, and search & rescue.  Thank you for your service to the community!

- Your first ketamine treatment is FREE!
- 20% off all services**

**We offer these discounts to therapists because due to "conflict of interest", therapists are not allowed to receive the referral bonus.  We want to offer these discounts as a "thank you" for the good you do, and with the realization that both your patients and our business benefit when you refer patients to our clinic.

Refer a friend, get $50 off
This is for each person you refer who has an appointment with us! Just have your friend let us know you referred them when they book an appointment!  There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can accrue, and you can combine them in one visit!

Purchase a package for savings!  
Save up to an additional $50 per treatment!  See package pricing by going to "Book Online" ---> "Packages".

Swahn Balanced Health Services Menu

Ketamine IV Infusions:
Single treatment session is $300
4 treatment series is $1,100
6 treatment series is $1,500

Ketamine IM Injections:
Single treatment session is $250 
4 treatment series is $900
6 treatment series is $1,300

Medical Cannabis Evaluations:
Initial medical card evaluation is $200
Medical card renewal is $100

Ketamine Therapy Discounts:
50% off first treatment!
$50 off for each new patient referral
20% off for veterans, military, police, fire, EMTs, and psychotherapists

Our payment options: cash, credit or debit, HSA, FSA, PayPal, Venmo, Sezzle (which is a 4 payment plan), advance care credit

Preparing for your experience

Ketamine creates a powerful experience that many describe having changed their life and the way they see the world. Read our preparation guide to make sure you are ready to get the most out of your therapy.

Click icon to download

Payment options

We offer a variety of payment options to help bring ketamine therapy to as many people as possible. Payment options are offered at checkout when booking your appointment and include the option to pay in person at the time of your appointment, pay online ahead of time for your convenience, or financing your treatment. In person payment options include cash, check, credit/debit, tap reader, or you can use one of our online payment options. Online payment options we offer include credit/debit through Square, Paypal payment, or extended payment through Sezzle. PayPal allows you to pay in four equal installments. See the section below for financing through Advance Care. We are happy to work with each individual case to find a solution that works for you. Coupons or discounts are applied in person at the clinic, so select "Pay in Person" if you are eligible for a discount.


We know that some people who need ketamine treatment for severe cases of treatment-resistant depression or other debilitating conditions can't risk waiting until they have the money for treatment or may be unable to work until their condition is under control. For these reasons, we felt it was important to offer financing so no one was left without an option to obtain treatment. Advance Care offers financing solutions with quick approval, enabling treatment to start with minimal delay. Click the image below to apply.

Advance Care Logo

Refund Policy

We provide the ability to pay online at the time of booking for convenience, but there is no obligation to pay ahead of time. Feel free to pay in office when you come in for treatment. Refunds can be given if necessary for services paid for ahead of time and not yet rendered. Refunds will not be given for bundled infusion series once treatment has begun.

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