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For anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

Welcome to Swahn Balanced Health

Consciousness Expanding Therapy for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Who we are

We are ketamine specialists who believe that this profound molecule and its related compounds are the future of mental health treatment.

Our Services

Ending the stigma against these breakthrough treatments.



IV Infusions & Injections

Treatment for Major Depression, Suicidal ideation, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Addiction, and more.

Medical Cannabis

Evaluations & Renewals

Medical Cannabis can be used as another form of treatment for pain, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Book Online

Schedule with us!

If you have trouble booking online, please call us at

(801) 613-8842

We're happy to help!


Meet your financial needs

We feel it's important to offer financing so no one is left without an option to obtain treatment.

Ketamine Therapy Testamonials

“After years of failed attempts to treat my pain with other methods, ketamine has given me hope of living pain free again.”
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