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Adrienne Robinson

Office Manager


(801) 613-8842



A Bit About Me

Hi! I've been working at Swahn Balanced Health Since September 2022 and thoroughly enjoy my job! I work with some of the best people on the planet, and I am so happy I get to work with my daughter, Natasha! In addition, our clients are amazing! I love meeting you and hearing your stories from you!

I used to be a school teacher, but left the system when I realized that teaching in public schools just isn't my vibe. I went searching for a job at a small business owned by a smart and kind person, and I wanted to work at some type of wellness center where a lot of healing takes place. I also needed the flexibility to tend to the needs of my kids. This became even more critical to me when my son passed away suddenly in November 2022. This position fit the bill perfectly! I could not have asked for a better work situation.

I have lived in Wyoming, Idaho, California, Oregon, Utah, and Japan and love learning about new people and cultures, including the delicious foods and drinks! I'm obsessed with sunrises, sunsets, trees, and plants and get out to see them as often as I can.   


I have been combining ketamine treatments with mindfulness, and that combo has been phenomenally helpful on my journey of healing from depression and PTSD. I feel like I'm finally living instead of just surviving. That is huge for me! I am so grateful to Thomas for hiring me and being the kindest employer a person could ask for!

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